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It is fairly common in our society for women to delay pregnancy, especially when compared to our parents’ generation. For a variety of reasons including career goals and delayed marriage, many women are waiting until their 30’s to start families. Waiting may consider these moms “high-risk” by most obstetricians for being of advanced maternal [...]

Did you find strangers came up to you during your pregnancy to touch your growing belly without invitation?  I’ve heard many soon-to-be moms complain about this overstep in boundaries, but women in PA won’t be dealing with it much longer.  A new Pennsylvania law has made it illegal for a stranger to touch an expectant [...]

While I always encourage raising awareness about postpartum mood disorders, I was saddened that it took a women being shot to death in front of her baby to get the topic in the media.  As you probably know, last week Miriam Carey was involved in a chase with Washington D.C. police, leading to her crashing [...]

We often hear how Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in fish oil, are beneficial to our health. They can boost brain development and heart health, in addition to reducing blood pressure and regulating clotting.
Now there is even more reason for expecting moms to up their intake of fish oil and Omega 3s.  A [...]

A study found that the presence of the hormone, adrenomedullin, is crucial for a mom to avoid getting preeclampsia. The hormone, emitted by the developing fetus into the placenta, allows the mother’s blood vessels to dilate so that the increased blood flow can reach the fetus.  Without adrenomedullin, the vessels in the placenta can [...]

A study has found that exposure to BPA, a hormone disrupting chemical found in plastic and tin cans, while pregnant can impact the fetuses cancer risk when they mature into adults. The study found that increased day-to-day BPA exposure during development increased the risk for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is thought to be fueled by [...]

80% of new moms suffer from the baby blues after their baby arrives.  20% of new moms will go on to suffer from postpartum depression.  Researchers have found that a blood test may identify which new moms have a high risk of developing the sometimes debilitating condition known as postpartum depression.
Women with a history of [...]

Isn’t it amazingly convenient that you can go to the drug store and pick up an easy-to-use pregnancy test at the first signs that you may be pregnant OR even a few days after ovulation?  And how nice is it that the simple stick isn’t complicated and gives anxious and eager women results within minutes?!  [...]

Mentally Preparing For Birth

March 24th, 2013

From my personal experience, mentally preparing for birth is just as important, and maybe even more important than physical preparation.  We exercise and eat right to prepare for birth.  We make playlists and pack bags for overnights stays.  We might set up nurseries and buy baby goods designed to make a [...]

It seems that lately I have had more than a few clients who were induced due to low amniotic fluid levels.  I honestly didn’t know much about this particular topic and thought I’d dig up some info.  I was curious what the implications were for mother and baby if the pregnancy continued with low fluid [...]

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