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Heather Rawlett, a Registered Nurse on a mother and baby unit, became interested in Placenta Encapsulation during her second pregnancy when she was researching ways to avoid the baby blues.
“I became interested in Placenta Encapsulation in 2012 when I was pregnant with my second child. I was on a mission to avoid the “baby [...]

While Hillary Westbrook felt very prepared for her pregnancy and birth, she hadn’t realized how unprepared she was for her postpartum period until her baby was born.  By the time Hillary called her placenta encapsulation specialist, she was already 4 days postpartum and experiencing the hormonal crash that left her weepy, overwhelmed and emotional.
“I answered [...]

The PBi network of specialists would like to welcome Shantell Brown of Bowie, MD. Shantell already serves moms as a birth doula and is excited to be extending her services to postpartum moms as well.
Shantell is the mother to an amazing little boy and enjoys competing in triathlons, riding motorcycles, reading and teaching.
“As a [...]

Amelia Catone is no stranger to holistic health and wellness.  She first heard of placentophagy while pregnant and working in an acupuncture clinic.  Many of the practitioners she worked with suggested placentophagy after the birth of her baby, but only mentioned eating it raw or in food.  Since eating it was not appealing to Amelia, [...]

Kim Staffieri has been working as a neonatal ICU nurse for the past 10 years, but it wasn’t until she became a mother in 2012 that she realized her passion for holistic healing.  Kim is also passionate about assisting new moms in their transition to motherhood because she understands firsthand how trying it can be.
“Like [...]

Shannon Deehan, Tehachapi, CA, is a is a mom of 4.  During her 4th pregnancy, she was fearful that her recovery would be difficult, impeding her ability to care for her other children.  She was amazed at how much her placenta capsules helped make the transition to 4 children smooth.
“My passion for pregnancy, birth, and [...]

Meagan Pa, serving Springfield, VA, feels she experienced postpartum wellness after the birth of her son because she utilized the benefits in her placenta.  As a doula and Bradley Method Childbirth Educator, Meagan felt inspired to bring placenta encapsulation to the women she was already serving.
“I initially became interested in placentophagy to help regulate [...]

Earlier this week, on the Labor Day holiday, thousands of women, men, and children rallied across the country in over 170 locations in an effort to improve birth. The Improving Birth rally is a national event held annually with the mission to educate families about the gap between evidenced-based practices and the typical, standard of [...]

Char Sheuermann is a wife and homebirthing mama of 4.  After the birth of her 4th child, when Char’s bleeding was beginning to become a concern for her midwives, she consumed 2 small pieces of placenta.  To her surprise, the bleeding subsided just like her midwife said it would!  Char is a believer in the [...]

The PBi Network of Specialists would like to welcome Odile Penet, serving Baltimore and surrounding counties.  Odile, a native of France, serves the women in Baltimore as a birth and postpartum doula and Lamaze Childbirth instructor.
Odile has been working with expecting families for the past 10-years and decided to become a part of PBi after [...]

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