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The PBi Network of Specialists would like to extend a warm welcome to Jennifer Ivany of Fort McMurray, Canada. Jennifer is a mother of 3 and works as a birth doula in addition to providing new moms with placenta encapsulation services.
“I am passionate about pregnancy, birth and the post-partum care of mothers. I am [...]

Nikky Clarke has always been drawn to pregnancy and birth and feels that serving women through placenta encapsulation was a natural fit.  Having had 2 postpartum experiences, one with and one without placenta capsules, Nikky speaks openly in her community about the powerful healing power a placenta can have.
“My work has brought me in contact [...]

Evelyn Muhlhan has been serving women as a nurse midwife for more than 27 years.  The grandmother of 7 is passionate about alternative healthcare for women, icluding birth practices, and is excited to be adding placenta encapsulation to her menu of services.
When Evelyn is not tending to the expecting and postpartum women in the Maryland/Washington [...]

The PBi Network of Specialists would like to welcome Courtney Byers of Narvon, PA! Courtney is passionate about helping new mothers utilize the healing powers of their own bodies.  In addition to placenta encapsulation services, Courtney also serves women as an accredited LLL leader in Lancaster County, PA.
“My own birth experiences and transition into [...]

After the birth of her first baby, Celeste Fahnert suffered from low milk supply and extreme fatigue.  In her second pregnancy, during a Hypnobirthing class, Celeste learned about placenta encapsulation.  Despite her initial aversion to the idea, Celeste had her baby’s placenta encapsulated by PBi founder, Jodi Selander, and has never regretted it.  When her [...]

When Andrea Cahill’s friend mentioned she would be encapsulating her placenta to assist with her postpartum recovery, Andrea’s first thought was GROSS!  Andrea, having previously suffered from postpartum depression, had a change of heart after researching placentophagy and when she soon learned she was expecting, Andrea decided to give placenta encapsulation a chance.
“I choose to [...]

The PBi Network of Specialists extends a warm welcome to mom of 3, Keslie Mack. Keslie didn’t experience the benefits of placenta encapsulation with her first baby and as a result, had a difficult time with the baby blues and her energy levels.  Fortunately, Keslie had a great experience after her second baby arrived thanks [...]

Martina Schaible, a native of Canada, moved to Naples in 2007.  After hearing about the experience of a friend who had encapsulated her placenta, Martina began to research its benefits.  Martina welcomed her son in 2013 and was so pleased with her own results from placenta encapsulation she felt compelled to bring the service to [...]

The PBi Network of Specialists would like to extend a warm welcome to Courtney Lanctot of Lake Norman, NC.  Courtney first learned about placenta encapsulation from her midwife.  Courtney was apprehensive at first, but is thankful that her husband encouraged her to try it.  She hasn’t regretted it for a moment.  Courtney is now a [...]

Morgan Happick was blessed with a baby girl in 2013.  While seeing her Hematologist for a blood clotting disorder, he mentioned that Morgan may benefit from using her placenta for postpartum recovery.  Intrigued, Morgan began to research placentophagy and learned all of the amazing benefits.  After her daughters birth, Morgan had her placenta encapsulated and [...]

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