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Yesterday, Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, APRN of Evidence Based Birth published a thorough and comprehensive article about the research and evidence for administering the vitamin K shot to newborns after birth.
We are unable to make Vitamin K, a fat-soluable vitamin needed for clotting, ourselves and there are only 2 sources from which it comes; [...]

It’s World Breatfeeding Week and what better way to celebrate than to talk about the impact breastfeeding has on a baby’s brain.  It’s not a new concept that breastfeeding helps with brain development.  Studies have shown before that cognitive function in adolescents and adults is better if they were breastfed, but now a new study [...]

We’ve all heard (or maybe even experienced) how smoking marijuana can stimulate your appetite or give you the “munchies”. Well, several studies support the idea that breast milk has a similar effect on infants! That’s right, breastmilk gives babies the munchies.
Within each of us lies cannabinoid receptors, found in the brain and immune system, that [...]

Premature babies often have trouble digesting food due to their ill-prepared gut.  About 10% of preemie babies will develop necrotizing enterocolitis, an inflammation that can lead to death of the tissue in the intestine causing infection.  While breastmilk can reduce the risk of the condition, many babies will require surgery to remove the dead tissue.
Injections [...]

Are you having trouble with milk supply?  Could stress be to blame?  Studies suggest relaxed mothers makes more milk than their stressed out, anxious counterparts.
A 1989 study by Stephen Feher, published in the Cochrane Review, followed over 70 mothers with infants in the NICU.  All the mothers in the study pumped breast milk for [...]

New evidence has determined that postpartum depression could be the result of mothers being deficient in omega-3.  While pregnant, a mother’s omega-3s are transferred to the fetus and later, the baby while breastfeeding.  The infant receives the maternal omega-3s causing the mother to be deficient for at least 6 weeks postpartum.  A diet low in [...]

It’s no secret that there are many benefits to breastfeeding for both mother and baby.  For one, it provides a great bonding experience for the mother and the baby.  Breast milk fights disease and boosts an infant’s immune system with nutrients and antibodies.  Breast milk is FREE, eliminating the need to buy costly formula.  It [...]

We’ve all heard stories, some of us have even lived them.  Your newborn has lost more than 10% of their birth weight, causing concern in hospital staff.  The concern is that your milk production is not adequate and you are told to supplement with formula.  As you can imagine, this can be a huge blow [...]

Preschoolers whose mothers suffered from depression in the first 9 months postpartum are more likely to be shorter in stature.  Research has suggested that a mothers postpartum depression can impact a child’s growth in their first 2 years.
“The research team found that at age 4, kids with mothers who had reported mild or moderate depression [...]

If you have ever suffered from eczema, you know that it can be a painful, itchy condition, often leaving open sores.  But now, there may be a way to avoiding this inconvenient and painful skin condition in children.
The amount of microbial bacteria an infant is exposed to in the first week of life can actually [...]

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