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San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum is featuring a fascinating exhibit on royal artifacts from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).  The exhibit in Lee Gallery is titled From Birth to the Throne where some of the oldest surviving pottery is on display, royal placenta jars.  After the birth of a royal, their placenta and umbilical cord were [...]

Imagine a marbled picture frame, inscribed with your baby’s birth date and name, holding your most cherished photograph from your pregnancy, birth, or of your cute offspring.  Now imagine that frame being made from the very placenta that grew your baby and sustained your pregnancy.
Amanda Cotton is an artist making picture frames made from human [...]

Earlier this week, placenta encapsulation was discussed in the Yahoo article, Are Placenta Pills a Miracle Cure or Just a Scam? The article discussed one mother’s amazing testimony that placenta capsules helped her postpartum recovery significantly.  In the article, the mom states that she recovered from birth more quickly, had energy, and an overall feeling [...]

Stop Hemorrhage Naturally

July 11th, 2013

One of the biggest causes of maternal mortality is postpartum hemorrhage. Interestingly, animals very rarely hemorrhage after giving birth. Are you wondering what the difference is between human birth and other mammalian births? Using the placenta! Animals innately consume their placenta after they give birth making postpartum hemorrhage a rare occurrence.
Nature equips us [...]

You don’t have to tell us that placentas are not medical waste, but unfortunately in most cases placentas are usually disposed of after birth.  Here at PBi, we know the power that a placenta possesses to help new moms in their postpartum recovery, but now placentas can also help those suffering from eye conditions.
Toronto East [...]

Good news came this week for Oregon moms who wish to use their placentas for postpartum recovery. The Oregon Senate approved a bill allowing mothers to take their baby’s placentas home, despite the state law labeling placentas as medical waste.
“The state Senate unanimously approved the bill Monday, as the House did in March. The bill [...]

The placenta, the organ responsible for for nourishing your baby and regulating maternal-fetal interactions, may be a contributing factor in a child’s autism diagnosis.
“There is increasing evidence implicating the placenta in autism risk. For example, abnormal inclusions of trophoblasts, the cells that comprise the placenta, are found more frequently in placentas from [...]

Laree Lindburg had an enjoyable and healthy pregnancy, but the hormonal crash following the birth left her feeling terrible.  Her postpartum experience was difficult due to rheumatoid arthritis, which seemed to flare up during her postpartum recovery, making her achy and sick.  When Laree discovered she was pregnant again, she was immediately attracted to the [...]

Mendy Thijssen, a PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist serving Mountain View, CA, was recently interviewed by KTXL TV in Sacramento.  On the segment, Mendy discusses the process and benefits of placenta encapsulation.  Mendy even explains the biological significance behind why placenta encapsulation is so effective for a postpartum mother’s recovery.

Mendy works with expecting and postpartum mothers [...]

Jereka Hunt, PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and owner of Wombmart, based in Charlotte, NC, recently received a client testimonial that we felt deserved to be spread far and wide.  If you know an expecting mother who is on the fence about whether placenta encapsulation is for her, share this story.  This testimonial is the perfect [...]

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