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Earlier this week, placenta encapsulation was discussed in the Yahoo article, Are Placenta Pills a Miracle Cure or Just a Scam? The article discussed one mother’s amazing testimony that placenta capsules helped her postpartum recovery significantly.  In the article, the mom states that she recovered from birth more quickly, had energy, and an overall feeling [...]

New evidence has determined that postpartum depression could be the result of mothers being deficient in omega-3.  While pregnant, a mother’s omega-3s are transferred to the fetus and later, the baby while breastfeeding.  The infant receives the maternal omega-3s causing the mother to be deficient for at least 6 weeks postpartum.  A diet low in [...]

Laree Lindburg had an enjoyable and healthy pregnancy, but the hormonal crash following the birth left her feeling terrible.  Her postpartum experience was difficult due to rheumatoid arthritis, which seemed to flare up during her postpartum recovery, making her achy and sick.  When Laree discovered she was pregnant again, she was immediately attracted to the [...]

Preschoolers whose mothers suffered from depression in the first 9 months postpartum are more likely to be shorter in stature.  Research has suggested that a mothers postpartum depression can impact a child’s growth in their first 2 years.
“The research team found that at age 4, kids with mothers who had reported mild or moderate depression [...]

Jereka Hunt, PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and owner of Wombmart, based in Charlotte, NC, recently received a client testimonial that we felt deserved to be spread far and wide.  If you know an expecting mother who is on the fence about whether placenta encapsulation is for her, share this story.  This testimonial is the perfect [...]

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