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We often hear that we should delay the clamping of the baby’s umbilical cord until it stops pulsing after birth.  We know that the placenta has 1/3 of the baby’s blood volume and by delaying clamping, we are giving our baby the oxygen-rich blood needed to thrive. But what if I were to tell [...]

Stop Hemorrhage Naturally

July 11th, 2013

One of the biggest causes of maternal mortality is postpartum hemorrhage. Interestingly, animals very rarely hemorrhage after giving birth. Are you wondering what the difference is between human birth and other mammalian births? Using the placenta! Animals innately consume their placenta after they give birth making postpartum hemorrhage a rare occurrence.
Nature equips us [...]

Premature babies often have trouble digesting food due to their ill-prepared gut.  About 10% of preemie babies will develop necrotizing enterocolitis, an inflammation that can lead to death of the tissue in the intestine causing infection.  While breastmilk can reduce the risk of the condition, many babies will require surgery to remove the dead tissue.
Injections [...]

A study found that the presence of the hormone, adrenomedullin, is crucial for a mom to avoid getting preeclampsia. The hormone, emitted by the developing fetus into the placenta, allows the mother’s blood vessels to dilate so that the increased blood flow can reach the fetus.  Without adrenomedullin, the vessels in the placenta can [...]

A study has found that exposure to BPA, a hormone disrupting chemical found in plastic and tin cans, while pregnant can impact the fetuses cancer risk when they mature into adults. The study found that increased day-to-day BPA exposure during development increased the risk for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is thought to be fueled by [...]

You don’t have to tell us that placentas are not medical waste, but unfortunately in most cases placentas are usually disposed of after birth.  Here at PBi, we know the power that a placenta possesses to help new moms in their postpartum recovery, but now placentas can also help those suffering from eye conditions.
Toronto East [...]

For those of you living on the east coast, I’m sure like me, you have a deep appreciation for the EZ Pass. With an EZ Pass, instead of sitting in traffic breathing exhaust and slowly inching up to the toll booth with your dollar bills in hand, you can drive right through the terminal.  Because [...]

Diet pills made from the pregnancy hormone, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), claim that consumers can drop 20-30 pounds in 4 or 5 weeks all while being energized. The diet products containing HCG are made from human placenta, which are sold to the HCG diet product companies by hospitals.  While prescription HCG is approved by [...]

80% of new moms suffer from the baby blues after their baby arrives.  20% of new moms will go on to suffer from postpartum depression.  Researchers have found that a blood test may identify which new moms have a high risk of developing the sometimes debilitating condition known as postpartum depression.
Women with a history of [...]

Isn’t it amazingly convenient that you can go to the drug store and pick up an easy-to-use pregnancy test at the first signs that you may be pregnant OR even a few days after ovulation?  And how nice is it that the simple stick isn’t complicated and gives anxious and eager women results within minutes?!  [...]

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