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Isn’t it amazingly convenient that you can go to the drug store and pick up an easy-to-use pregnancy test at the first signs that you may be pregnant OR even a few days after ovulation?  And how nice is it that the simple stick isn’t complicated and gives anxious and eager women results within minutes?!  [...]

Jereka Hunt, PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and owner of Wombmart, based in Charlotte, NC, recently received a client testimonial that we felt deserved to be spread far and wide.  If you know an expecting mother who is on the fence about whether placenta encapsulation is for her, share this story.  This testimonial is the perfect [...]

There was a very interesting slideshow, titled Vanishing Voices, in this month’s National Geographic.  According to the magazine, as many as half of the languages spoken in the world today will be forgotten and disappear in the next 100 years.  So much cultural identity and significance is rooted within language.  It’s not only how we [...]


November 27th, 2008

I hope you have a wondeful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. We are on the road visiting family.
My Gratitude List (woefully incomplete):
I am grateful for…

My family, my daughters, and my fabulous friends; I’m glad you all put up with me.
The food on the table and the roof over my head.
The opportunities I’ve been given, and [...]

Why I do this

June 2nd, 2008

I have had an amazing week. I got to work with four clients, and each experience was very different. One mama was still in the hospital when I got her capsules finished, so she could start taking them before she even got home. One client had her baby at the new birth center with a [...]

Welcome 2008!

January 1st, 2008

I love a new year. It’s full of hope and optimism, fresh dreams and plans and goals. No failures or disappointments to bring negativity down on this brand new year. There is nothing like a clean slate to bring fresh perspective and purpose.I could have a whole list of resolutions, I suppose, but I’ll stick [...]

Goodbye 2007

December 31st, 2007

2007 is going out in grand form. December saw a new record for hits on the website, crossing over the 100,000 mark by several thousand!
I must say that 2007 was a great year. The court case with Anne Swanson and Sunrise Hospital was a major highlight - it brought rallies, media attention, spawned numerous [...]

This Christmas

December 16th, 2007

I just got this little gem in my inbox.
“Give to your enemy forgiveness.
To your opponent tolerance.
To your friend your heart.
To all men charity, for the hands that help are holier than lips that pray.
To every child a good example.
and to yourself - respect.”
This Christmas, “Mend a quarrel.  Seek out a forgotten friend.  Dismiss suspicion and [...]

Blame the holidays

November 26th, 2007

I see that my previous post is over a week old. I blame the holidays.
We went out of town to visit relatives, and were gone several days. The girls were delighted to go to Grandma’s House, and it is always nice to visit. However, it is a lot of work to get everyone packed and [...]

Birthday Road Trip

September 24th, 2007

We are in Redding, CA tonight. We have covered 750 miles since leaving Las Vegas Sunday morning. (Will now have Sheryl Crow singing Leaving Las Vegas in my head for the rest of the night.) Anyway, we hope to make it to Portland sometime tomorrow night.
Trip has been going well - the kids are doing [...]

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