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Detoxing Through Oil Pulling

April 29th, 2012

Last week we talked about the Ayurvedic method of heating the placenta to revive an unresponsive newborn.  Another Ayurvedic technique that may be able to boost your health is oil pulling.
Oil Pulling is the act of swishing 1 tablespoon of a healthy oil (olive or coconut will do the trick) in your mouth for 20 [...]

It is believed in Ayurvedic medicine that if a baby is born appearing lifeless, the placenta can be warmed to restore life in the child. The practice of warming an attached (unclamped and uncut) placenta in hot water or by massage is thought
to restore the jeeva, or life force, that is stored in the placenta. [...]

Through the years, mastitis, an infection of breast tissue that mostly occurs in breastfeeding mothers, has typically been treated by a course of antibiotics. However, more recently, probiotics have been shown to be a better alternative.
Doctors from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, studied a group of 352 with symptoms of mastitis. One group of women [...]

A recently published study shows that placental health is highly correlated with stillbirth and other pregnancy complications. Researchers were trying to pinpoint causes and risk factors for stillbirths, and found that in 26% of the cases where the pregnancy did not go to term, problems with the placenta were the causative factor. They were looking [...]

New research from Yale University suggests an often deadly pregnancy disease, pre-eclampsia, stems from a battle in the womb between a father’s biological goal to make the biggest, healthiest baby possible, and the mother’s need to survive giving birth. Nature has it’s wisdom of making a baby big enough to thrive yet [...]

Just came across this great article, Delayed Cord Clamping Explained!(Video) written by Christie Haskell, which includes a video of Penny Simkin explaining the physiological benefits of delayed cord clamping- very cool little video.  I have wanted to blog about delayed cord clamping for awhile, it is the first opportunity to honor [...]

I realize that I haven’t been clear on our missions and goals as an organization. So I sat down to write everything out, because it doesn’t do much good sitting in my head. I am incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last 5 years. Most of my time is spent working on projects [...]

I was interviewed a while back for an article that has just been published in the New York Magazine. It’s a very good article, one of the best ones I’ve read recently. I like it because it puts a very personal touch on the concept of placenta encapsulation.
Of course, Mark Kristal, my favorite placentophagia [...]

Check out Polly Wood, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist with PBi, in an article by Aaron Munzer in the Polly serves women in Ithaca, NY,  and surrounding counties and the Finger Lakes region.  The article spotlights on Polly Wood and describes the wonderful services of Placenta Encapsulation (I know, I am a [...]

Since my interest in placentophagy was awakened I have heard/read various stories of how the placenta is a recognized remedy in other countries. The idea of both men and women in other countries ingesting placenta as a common remedy has intrigued me. So, when I came across the article titled [...]

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