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Imagine a marbled picture frame, inscribed with your baby’s birth date and name, holding your most cherished photograph from your pregnancy, birth, or of your cute offspring.  Now imagine that frame being made from the very placenta that grew your baby and sustained your pregnancy.
Amanda Cotton is an artist making picture frames made from human [...]

Earlier this week, placenta encapsulation was discussed in the Yahoo article, Are Placenta Pills a Miracle Cure or Just a Scam? The article discussed one mother’s amazing testimony that placenta capsules helped her postpartum recovery significantly.  In the article, the mom states that she recovered from birth more quickly, had energy, and an overall feeling [...]

Diet pills made from the pregnancy hormone, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), claim that consumers can drop 20-30 pounds in 4 or 5 weeks all while being energized. The diet products containing HCG are made from human placenta, which are sold to the HCG diet product companies by hospitals.  While prescription HCG is approved by [...]

80% of new moms suffer from the baby blues after their baby arrives.  20% of new moms will go on to suffer from postpartum depression.  Researchers have found that a blood test may identify which new moms have a high risk of developing the sometimes debilitating condition known as postpartum depression.
Women with a history of [...]

We’ve all heard stories, some of us have even lived them.  Your newborn has lost more than 10% of their birth weight, causing concern in hospital staff.  The concern is that your milk production is not adequate and you are told to supplement with formula.  As you can imagine, this can be a huge blow [...]

The placenta, the organ responsible for for nourishing your baby and regulating maternal-fetal interactions, may be a contributing factor in a child’s autism diagnosis.
“There is increasing evidence implicating the placenta in autism risk. For example, abnormal inclusions of trophoblasts, the cells that comprise the placenta, are found more frequently in placentas from [...]

Preschoolers whose mothers suffered from depression in the first 9 months postpartum are more likely to be shorter in stature.  Research has suggested that a mothers postpartum depression can impact a child’s growth in their first 2 years.
“The research team found that at age 4, kids with mothers who had reported mild or moderate depression [...]

Have you ever had a crying baby, but could not, for the life of you, figure out what she needed?  I think we’ve all been there.  As parents, everyone experiences the heartbreak and frustration of not knowing what your baby is trying to tell you.
Priscilla Dunstan,  founder of Dunstan Baby Language, has made an amazing [...]

Kiss Your Baby!

July 24th, 2012

If you have ever had a little one, you can probably relate to the feeling of not being able to resist kissing your baby regularly.  Their chunky, soft, mushy cheeks are so irresistible, aren’t they?  Well, the urge to smother your baby in kisses isn’t just emotional, but biochemical too.  There is a real health [...]

Placentophagy, the act of eating one’s placenta, is an age-old practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The practice, dating back 2,000 years, is still common in China and is thought to have anti-aging qualities.
Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of a unified China, is said to have designated placenta as having health properties some 2200 [...]

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