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In 2011 Baltimore native, Ivelisse Page, launched an organization called Believe Big, a non-profit foundation committed to helping patients and their families through a cancer diagnosis.  Page, a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, has a mission to educate the cancer community about using a combination of modern medicine and complementary, less mainstream therapies.
Page praises the [...]

You don’t have to tell us that placentas are not medical waste, but unfortunately in most cases placentas are usually disposed of after birth.  Here at PBi, we know the power that a placenta possesses to help new moms in their postpartum recovery, but now placentas can also help those suffering from eye conditions.
Toronto East [...]

Diet pills made from the pregnancy hormone, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), claim that consumers can drop 20-30 pounds in 4 or 5 weeks all while being energized. The diet products containing HCG are made from human placenta, which are sold to the HCG diet product companies by hospitals.  While prescription HCG is approved by [...]

Approximately 14% of pregnant women suffer from depression.  Some women, worried about the effects taking medication will have on the fetus, may avoid taking their antidepressants.  However, a study determined that acupuncture is a valid alternative therapy and reduces depressive symptoms.
“The study included 150 pregnant women diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Some received depression-specific [...]

Probiotics & Your Brain

April 24th, 2013

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Researchers from UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine have concluded that probiotics can change the brain activity and emotional responses of women. The researchers at UCLA divided 36 women into 3 groups.  Each group was given either fermented milk with probiotics, milk without probiotics, or no milk at all.  MRI scans were performed prior [...]

The Las Vegas Sun has published a series of articles highlighting our newest placentophagy research out of UNLV. In this first article, my client Lisa Stark describes her recent experience using placenta capsules for her postpartum recovery.
Lisa gave birth to her second baby in January. She wanted to try placenta capsules to help [...]

The birth world was abuzz this week with the release of a recent review of birth center outcomes by the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health.  The study followed more than 15,000 moms-to-be who were planning to give birth within a midwife-run birth center.
The conclusion of the review showed birth centers to be a safe [...]

Vaginal checks during labor, used to determine cervical dilation and the progression of labor, is one of the most dreaded and uncomfortable procedures for a laboring woman.  Vaginal exams can also increase the risk of infection as bacteria is forced toward the cervix, especially after the membranes have ruptured.  For low risk labors, vaginal exams [...]

The placenta, the organ responsible for for nourishing your baby and regulating maternal-fetal interactions, may be a contributing factor in a child’s autism diagnosis.
“There is increasing evidence implicating the placenta in autism risk. For example, abnormal inclusions of trophoblasts, the cells that comprise the placenta, are found more frequently in placentas from [...]

The following is a guest post from, a site committed to helping consumers stay informed about prescription drugs and medical devices that could negatively impact your health.
Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) is diagnosed in 50 percent of women during their lifetime. It is usually diagnosed during menopause, when decreasing estrogen levels cause tissues to [...]

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