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You don’t have to tell us that placentas are not medical waste, but unfortunately in most cases placentas are usually disposed of after birth.  Here at PBi, we know the power that a placenta possesses to help new moms in their postpartum recovery, but now placentas can also help those suffering from eye conditions.

Toronto East General Hospital is at the forefront of utilizing the healing properties of placentas.  Eye surgeons are using the amnion, the inner layer of the amniotic sac, to repair patient’s eyes during surgery.

“Dr. Charlotte Wedge, the chief of ophthalmology at Toronto East General Hospital, says amnion acts much like a skin graft — wounds heal faster, with less scarring.

‘It has qualities that quiet inflammation,” Wedge says of amnion. “It represses new vessels from growing and causing inflammation and scarring… It seems to quiet everything,’ she says.” (Source)

Scientists are also looking into using the amnion to repair tendons, blood vessels and other conditions.

So there you have it, just one more reason why we should not toss our placentas after birth; they heal!

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