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Congratulations to Tara Carpenter, proudly serving central Vermont and the upper valley, on becoming a PBi Mentor.  Tara has always been pulled to postpartum women, even as a child.  She would often help neighbors during the special time following the birth of their babies, and even participated in the home birth of her siblings.  She knew all along she was called to be a part of the birth community.

Aside from her work as a CPES and doula, Tara works as a Personal Therapeutic Chef and is working toward her certification as a Holistic Nutrition Counselor.

“Due to my long-time interest in the healing power of foods, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of placenta encapsulation.  As a qualified Personal Therapeutic Chef, I both understand and appreciate the immense value that nutrient and mineral rich foods have on the overall bodily system.  Specializing in creating digestive wellness, I advocate bone marrow stocks, animal organs and other foods that promote healing in the body.  So, it makes perfect sense to me for the mother to ingest such a vital organ, as the placenta itself, to be replenished after the arduous work of pregnancy and birth.” -Tara Carpenter

Becoming certified takes lots of hard work and dedication.  To become certified, a candidate must read and write response papers to research regarding placentophagy.  The candidate must then prepare 3 placentas using the PBi method of encapsulation, and complete a food safety course to adhere to state and local regulations. Being a mentor means you are one of the most experienced specialists and are able to adequately provide education and support to new PESes.  Learn more about the PBi training program.

Congratulations Tara!  Thank you for your continued dedication to the placenta movement!

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