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The PBi Network Of Specialists is pleased and excited to welcome Jill Capellino.  Jill is the mother of two preschoolers who, after suffering from the baby blues, turned to researching placentophagy.  Jill’s mother-in-law suggested she look into it (what a cool MIL!) to help her get back to baseline, and in the process, jump started a passion in Jill.

“Through this work I have seen friends, clients and my own sister avoid the baby blues, increase lactation, and fight fatigue after delivering. I’ve encapsulated for women who have taken prescription medication for PPD in the past now say they have zero need to go back to such medication after taking their very own placenta capsules. I can’t tell you how incredibly gratifying these success stories are to me.” -Jill Capellino

Welcome Jill, we are so happy to have you!

Visit Jill’s website.

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