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Mari Stewart is PBi’s very own Placenta Encapsulation Specialist in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mari has the love of birth in her blood, as her maternal grandfather had a private obstetrical practice in Hawaii  delivering over 15,000 babies before he passed. She has always known that she would follow her grandfather’s footsteps in some way. Since 1975, she has been attending hundreds of births as a Certified Doula and working in different capacities with the childbearing year.  She is also a Ceritified Childbirth Educator and is currently a Student Midwife.

In leiu of Mari’s passion for birth, becoming a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist was a natural progression for her. She states, “My ability to provide this service has literally been life changing for the many women who needed any or all of the amazing benefits that placenta consumption provides.”

We are so glad you are a part of PBi Mari Stewart, we warmly welcome you. PBi is grateful to have you spreading the “Placenta Benefits” word in Hawaii!

By Elenya Grafals, CPM, LMT, CPES

6 Responses to “Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Mari Stewart says Aloha”

  1. krista

    Aloha. I have been looking into placenta encapsulation as we are almost through our first trimester. What is the rate for this service, where can i get more info on this topic and any ideas where i should start my childbirth education? Many mahalos!

  2. Carmen

    Hi Krista,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! You can find a specialist in your area at
    I hope that helps!

  3. Junko

    Hi I am pregnant and interesting to make placenta pill for myself.
    I also have a friend getting a Barth soon she wants to make.
    So would you please give me the information such as the price and how.
    I am livening in Honolulu.
    Thank you very much for your time.


  4. alicia jones

    I am interested in encapsulation but am curious on pricing and how the pick up of the placenta is arranged etc. I do not see details on the page, not sure where to find the info to book etc.

  5. Carmen

    Hi Alicia,
    You can find a specialist in your area and inquire directly with them regarding their fees.

  6. Carmen

    Hi Junko,
    You can find a specialist in your area by clicking here. They can answer specific questions related to their business.

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