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PBi is pleased to announce yet another new PBi-Trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialist! We would like to welcome Polly Wood, M.F.A., PES (PBi) to the PBi Family. Placenta Encapsulation Specialists are some of the most well rounded and diverse groups of women out there. We come from all walks of life and Polly is no exception!

Polly was just nineteen when she first noticed the glow which emanates from a pregnant woman.  Even at an early age, she was drawn to pregnancy and deeply certain that she was meant to be near it. As a birth doula, Polly assisted in hospital and home births, taught birth art workshops, led mother-baby yoga classes, and created over fifty belly casts.

Polly earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Inquiry: Interdisciplinary Arts and a Masters of Arts in Women’s Spirituality. She is a mother, a songstress, an artist, an author (The Men$trual Origins of Money: Radical Economics in the Presence of the Divine, Sacred Feminine), a ritualist and an independent scholar whose work focuses on the preservation of the Sacred Feminine. Polly facilitates Goddess-Inspired Women’s Spirituality Circles, as well as Menarche/Moontime Circles for young girls. She curated the 2010 Sacred Feminine Exhibit at the Museum of Motherhood, and is currently working on new musical collaborations. She loves to sing and drum!

Polly views pregnancy and childbirth as two of many cross-cultural rites-of-passage for women which harness their inherent potential as life-givers, healers and cultural creators, as well as their ability to embody the sacred. As a birth and women’s rites (and rights) activist, discovering Placenta Benefits made perfect sense to her.

“I have to admit, I was surprised that I hadn’t heard much of placentophagy sooner.  I understand how at first the thought of it might make one squeamish, but given the history, research and evidence supporting placenta ingestion and its overall health benefits to new mothers; it is nothing short of breathtaking.

[Our] society disposes of placenta as toxic waste, while truly, what we are throwing away is a gift: the amazing placenta - self-made, full of personalized hormones, iron, protein and vitamins critically needed in those first few days and weeks postpartum.” ~ Polly Wood

Polly is honored to serve her local community by helping women and their families reclaim strong, healthy and happy postpartum experiences.

To learn more about Polly, visit her websites: and

PBi LOVES that Polly is here to share her amazing experiences, life’s lessons, spirituality and beauty with the birthing women in her community and the PBi community. We are so glad to have such amazing and talented women as a part of PBi.

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