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Why pay more to have a PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialist prepare your baby’s placenta for you when someone who is NOT certified can do it for $100 less? When deciding who to trust with your postpartum wellness, you have two choices:

a) A PBi-Trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialist


b) A self-taught placenta encapsulator

Why choose a PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialist:

1 ) This is a one shot deal. Unless you are lucky enough to have multiples, you only get one placenta per baby. You want to be sure that your placenta handler knows what he/she is doing. Some questions to ask your provider: How many placentas have you prepared? How long have you been preparing placentas? Where did you learn the process? Do you use Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, or another method? Why? Do you have references? Do you provide followup care? What if I have additional questions? What if I have complications during my pregnancy and/or delivery? The hospital says it won’t release the placenta to me; are you able to help me? Do you follow OSHA guidelines for safety? Does the FDA know about your methods of practice? PBi Specialists can answer all of these questions and more.

2 ) You want your placenta services provider to answer your questions. PBi Specialists know WHY placenta is helpful for postpartum recovery - they have read the research and can explain everything to you in an evidence-based manner. They also know under which conditions a placenta can be encapsulated, so if you have questions about your particular situation, you have someone to call to get those answers. Once you have your capsules, they can give you dosing guidelines, capsule care instructions, and most importantly, when NOT to take the placenta capsules! Follow-up care is extremely important, and PBi Specialists provide very high quality of care. They don’t just drop off some capsules in a baggie and leave you to figure out the rest.

3 ) You want to be sure that the placenta you consume is actually yours. Sadly, there have been stories in the past where a new mother releases her placenta to an encapsulator and later comes to find out that the placenta contained within the capsules is not her own. PBi Specialists practice with full disclosure of the process so you know exactly how we are treating your baby’s precious placenta. You are even welcome and encouraged to watch the process - if you like.

4 ) You want to be sure that your placenta is handled safely. We are talking about what is considered a bio-hazard. There is an element of caution and concern to be taken when dealing with the placenta. Placenta encapsulation, and utilizing the placenta for postpartum recovery is something that must be done properly and safely, and within government regulations. PBi Specialists adhere to strict OSHA and EPA guidelines for safe handling and disinfection. PBi has sent our Standard Operating Procedures into the FDA, so they are fully aware of how our Specialists operate.

5 ) You want to be sure your provider knows what they are doing. Your PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialist is highly educated. She has gone through a 5 week, 5 module course, read the scientific research behind placentophagy, and written response papers to each to test her understanding. She has watched a 2-hour Training Video and has acquired experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and placenta encapsulation by preparing at least three placentas using PBi’s Method of Placenta Encapsulation, sometimes even under the watchful eye of a Mentor (where possible). Your PBi Specialist has passed a rigorous 2-hour exam, and has passed and met all standards set by PBi. If your PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialist is also Certified, she has completed additional food preparation safety certification to be in compliance with their state’s stringent health department protocols. The self-taught encapsulator most likely learned from a web page on the internet. The internet doesn’t mentor you, doesn’t teach you and it doesn’t answer specific placenta encapsulation questions like the PBi Network of Specialists does. For a few dollars more you too can have the peace of mind in knowing that you have an entire Network of Specialists available to you and your Specialist at any time. Peace of mind when dealing with such a precious and rare resource is a wonderful thing to have.

6 ) You want your provider to be on the cutting edge of research. PBi is the foremost leader in placenta healing in the United States. We are currently working with a fantastic team of researchers and putting our process though a series of research tests through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to discover more about the amazing placenta and the hormones contained therein. Only PBi-Trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialists will be the first to know of these exciting research outcomes.

7 ) You want your provider to have the ability, backing and know-how to change hospital policy if needed. Since 2007 PBi has fought for women’s rights and the rights of their placentas. We are constantly working to change hospital policies across the country, and create state legislation protecting the parents’ right to take the placenta home from the hospital after the birth. We strive to bring placentophagy to the mainstream woman and make placenta encapsulation as normal as having the father in the room for the delivery.

8 ) You want your provider to be held accountable if something goes wrong. A grievance is an objection lodged against a PBi Specialist in which the Specialist is accused of behavior that violates PBI’s Standards of Practice and/or Code of Ethics. PBi Specialists have standards, policies and a code of ethics to adhere to. If your PES doesn’t follow procedure, you may file a grievance with the organization and be assured that disciplinary action will be taken - they may even lose their right to practice as a PBi Specialist. PBi will only have the best, most ethical, and most professional providers in our Network. Independent practitioners have no one to be held accountable to.

9 ) PBi Specialists are confident and supported by a large international community of birth, placenta and postpartum professionals. PBi is the oldest, largest and most recognized placenta encapsulation organization in the world. We aren’t afraid of going on our local TV news to talk about consuming placenta for postpartum wellness! We proudly promote, educate and support other birth professionals in helping them understand that there *are* things that can be done proactively to help a new mother through that difficult postpartum period. We work together with doulas, midwives, chiropractors, Chinese medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, masseuses and other naturally minded folk. We even work with obstetricians! PBi is dedicated to bringing placentophagy to the mainstream.

10 ) PBi Specialists are committed to the cause. We believe in doing the right thing, keeping our clients safe, and keeping the big picture of healthy, happy mamas in mind. Those of us who want to see placenta encapsulation succeed on a major national scale are willing to put our time, money, and energy into making sure this happens. You will find that everyone involved in PBi is 100% committed to you and your postpartum well being.

11 ) We want to share our knowledge! We are always looking for help! If you want to help bring placenta encapsulation to mainstream women, then join us in our mission. PBi Specialists are working across the country to raise awareness, practice proper techniques, advocate for mothers when necessary - because we all believe that by working together, we can accomplish so much more for the movement.

We hope this helps you understand why a PBi-Trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialist is your best choice when it comes to who to trust with your placenta and postpartum well being. Stay tuned, in future articles we will discuss how PBi training and the PBi Network can help professional providers in their business!

Next article in series: Certification for placenta encapsulation. Why bother?

14 Responses to “Using a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist - Why does it matter?”

  1. Ashley

    I LOVE your post! I have 2 questions. How can you find one in your area and would you mind if I used your post to direct my doula clients to when they want more information? Thanks so much!

  2. Jodi Selander

    Thanks Ashley! Please feel free to pass it to whomever you think would find it useful. You can also check out our Placenta Services Provider Directory at

  3. Carmela

    Thanks for the information! Have you ever known a women to become sick (high fever and chills) from taking their placenta pills?

  4. Jodi Selander

    Hi Carmela,

    I have not heard of that, no. I have heard of women getting nauseous and ill in that way after consuming placenta pills that were not properly prepared.

  5. Luz

    Where can I find out the cost for encapsulation?

  6. Jodi Selander

    Hi Luz,

    You will want to look on the Provider Directory and contact your preferred Specialist directly as to what she charges.

    Good luck!

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  10. Megan Davis

    How much is this service, how do I go about getting my placenta to a certified placenta encapsulation specialist

    Thank you!

  11. Carmen

    Hi Megan,
    You can find a specialist in your area by going to

    Every specialist offers different services and at different price points. By contacting a placenta encapsulation specialist, you’ll be one step closer to avoiding the baby blues! Good luck!

  12. Elisha


    I really want to do this but I noticed that in the state of Alaska there is only in training people listed. Can I store my placenta until someone in the area is certified. And if so how do I store it proper?

  13. Carmen

    Hi Elisha,
    You can properly freeze your placenta by placing it in a gallon-size ziplock and placing that bag in another gallon-size ziplock. To be clear, it should be double bagged and all the air should be removed. You may also inquire about a DIY kit by emailing Angela Bailey at

    I hope that helps. Good luck!


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