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I received some bad news involving a fabulous midwife here in Las Vegas.

In August, Certified Nurse Midwife April Kermani performed an emergency D&C on a postpartum mom who was hemorrhaging. She asked the nurse to page the back-up doctor. The bleeding was heavy and persistent and reached the point where she felt that waiting any longer would be unsafe and put the mother in danger. The D&C was outside her scope of privileges as defined by the hospital, but mother and baby are doing great. At the mother’s one-week postpartum visit, she brought in brownies and a thank you card for the “excellent care” she received.

On November 1, 2007, April Kermani met with the medical executive committee and heard that their decision is to permanently and immediately revoke her privileges at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. This means that she can no longer attend births at the hospital.

There are limited options in the Las Vegas area for women who want to have a midwife attend their birth, yet still be in a hospital setting. The choices available here are hospital birth with an OB, or a home birth with a midwife. April Kermani was one of the rare opportunities for midwife-assisted hospital birth available to women. And she is one of the best. Her services are highly sought after by women in the community, many of whom travel from all corners of the Valley to birth with her at St. Rose. Her experience, coupled with the high quality of care she provides her clients has earned her the respect of birth professionals and birthing women alike.

If you are so moved, the officials at St. Rose need to know how much April Kermani means to the birthing community. Please write a personal letter describing your belief that midwife-assisted care in hospitals is necessary and important to women in Las Vegas.

To get started, please visit the Activism - Current Events page.

Thank you.

9 Responses to “Loss for natural birth in Las Vegas”

  1. Patricia Couch

    This is so unfortunate for your community.

  2. The Placenta Blog » Blog Archive » New home birth midwife

    [...] Kermani, the Certified Nurse Midwife who recently lost her privileges at St. Rose De Lima hospital in Henderson, has given up her nursing license and is now attending home births. [...]

  3. liseth Armstrong

    I was actually one of her patients, and thanks to her cervical massage, on November 6, 2007 my daughter moved down the birth canal waiting to be born. When I arrived at the hospital, her D&C which was another great Doctor delivered my daughter. I was so sad that April was not able to be there and saddened more that I found out so late what had really happened on the day of my daughter’s birth. I really wished she could have been there with me. But for sure, if I ever have another child I will look for her services once more. ;-)

  4. Jane Goody

    The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

  5. Jodi Selander

    No, I haven’t done any guest posting. But thanks, if that’s a compliment. :)

  6. Collette Pratt

    Has this option changed any since 2007. I had a hospital birth with a midwife in 2008 in New York and recently moved to Las Vegas. I was hoping to have a similar experience for my second child. I am so disappointed

  7. Jodi Selander

    I’m sorry Collette, but there are no real hospital midwife-attended births. I heard that Centennial Hills hospital had a midwife, but you’re going to be looking at a pretty typical hospital birth.

    We have several wonderful midwives who attend homebirths here in Las Vegas. April Kermani is now one of them. :)

  8. leurini traslochi

    It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. ANH

    Why in the world was she doing a D&C?????????????????????????/

    I am a full supporter of midwives having privileges in hospitals, but this woman put her client in serious danger!!!

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