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The PBi Network of Specialists would like to welcome Courtney Byers of Narvon, PA! Courtney is passionate about helping new mothers utilize the healing powers of their own bodies.  In addition to placenta encapsulation services, Courtney also serves women as an accredited LLL leader in Lancaster County, PA.

“My own birth experiences and transition into motherhood have given me a passion for helping other mothers in natural care for themselves and their families. I believe that pregnancy, birth, and becoming a mother are sacred processes that deserve honor and respect – and it takes an intentional effort to maintain this in our society.” -Courtney

To learn more about Courtney and her services, visit her website.

Congratulations to Carrie Ohrt, Cedar Rapids, IA, on completing the requirements to be a PBi-certified placenta encapsulation specialist.  Because of her hard work and passion, the women in Cedar Rapids have an experienced CPES to call on after the births of their babies.

Carrie Ohrt enjoyed pregnancy and childbirth so much, she did it 8 times.  She has found motherhood to be such a blessing.  Her love of birth eventually led her to becoming a doula.  Ultimately, Carrie would like to become a midwife and she is active in her community’s effort to legalize midwives.  Carrie Ohrt also works as a reflexologist and is passionate about holistic healing.

Are you interested in becoming a PBi-trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialist? Learn more about the PBi training course.

The PBi Network of Specialists would like to congratulate Carly Glover of Bowie, MD for completing the requirements for certification.  Carly is now a PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and supports moms by offering doula and placenta encapsulation services to the women in her area.

Becoming certification takes a lot of dedication and hard work.  To become certified, a specialist must complete the PBi training and prepare the required number of placentas using the PBi method of preparation.  Upon completion, the specialist must hold a current food handlers certificate to remain in good standing.

Congratulations Carly and thank you for all you do for birthing women!

After the birth of her first baby, Celeste Fahnert suffered from low milk supply and extreme fatigue.  In her second pregnancy, during a Hypnobirthing class, Celeste learned about placenta encapsulation.  Despite her initial aversion to the idea, Celeste had her baby’s placenta encapsulated by PBi founder, Jodi Selander, and has never regretted it.  When her postpartum experience was filled with a great mood, a generous milk supply, and lots of energy, Celeste knew she needed to become a part of PBi.

“PBi holds all of their members to very high standards and practices and that is something that is very important to me and my clients. I’m excited to provide such an amazing service to women in and around Austin!” -Celeste

Learn more about Celeste and her services at The Birthing Branch.

The PBi Network of Specialists would like to extend its deepest sympathies to Ina May Gaskin and the community on the great loss of her beloved husband and partner, Stephen Gaskin.  Mr. Gaskin led an exemplary life and was a leader to many.  May his memory live on in the community he built and beyond.

To read more about Stephen Gaskin and his legacy, visit The Tennessean.

Photo credit: The Tennessean

The PBi Network of Specialists would like to congratulate Shannon Deehan of Tehachapi, CA on earning her PBi certification.  Shannon works as a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and a Bradley Method instructor and lives with her family in rural California.  She considers working with birthing and postpartum women to be a blessing and loves offering women the gift of a happy babymoon.

Becoming certified takes a lot of dedication and hard work.  Upon completion of the PBi training, a specialist must encapsulate a required number of placentas using the PBi method and be up to date on their food safety certification.

Congratulations Shannon!  Thanks for all you do in your community.

When Andrea Cahill’s friend mentioned she would be encapsulating her placenta to assist with her postpartum recovery, Andrea’s first thought was GROSS!  Andrea, having previously suffered from postpartum depression, had a change of heart after researching placentophagy and when she soon learned she was expecting, Andrea decided to give placenta encapsulation a chance.

“I choose to have the capsules done and it was one of the best birth decision I made. Not only did they help a little, they helped a lot! My milk too came in within hours of taken the first capsules, I had more energy and I was so happy! In fact; they worked so well I was pumping 8oz only after three days of giving birth, had a permanent smile on my face…” -Andrea Cahill

Andrea was so amazed at the difference placenta encapsulation made for her, she wanted to spread the news near and far.  She dove head first into training and the rest is history.  Andrea is now serving moms in Kansas City and is excited to give women the gift of a peaceful postpartum.

The PBi Network of Specialists extends a warm welcome to mom of 3, Keslie Mack. Keslie didn’t experience the benefits of placenta encapsulation with her first baby and as a result, had a difficult time with the baby blues and her energy levels.  Fortunately, Keslie had a great experience after her second baby arrived thanks to encapsulating her placenta. When she had her third baby and 3 kids under 3, she felt like placenta encapsulation was an absolute necessity. Now that her children are school-age, Keslie is excited to be offering this amazing and rewarding service to women.

“Our bodies are amazing! They have given us everything we need to deliver our children, heal postpartum and nurse efficiently. My dream is to educate mothers and help them to have the best postpartum experience they possible!” -Keslie

Welcome Keslie!  The moms in Marina are lucky to have you!

Martina Schaible, a native of Canada, moved to Naples in 2007.  After hearing about the experience of a friend who had encapsulated her placenta, Martina began to research its benefits.  Martina welcomed her son in 2013 and was so pleased with her own results from placenta encapsulation she felt compelled to bring the service to her community.  Martina is also studying to become a doula and is excited to be offering these services to the women in her area.

Email Martina today to discuss how she can help you have a balanced and well postpartum.

The PBi Network of Specialists would like to extend a warm welcome to Courtney Lanctot of Lake Norman, NC.  Courtney first learned about placenta encapsulation from her midwife.  Courtney was apprehensive at first, but is thankful that her husband encouraged her to try it.  She hasn’t regretted it for a moment.  Courtney is now a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist serving a 60-mile radius around Lake Norman.

“Being able to share the gifts of the placenta with new mothers and families is such a blessing for me.” -Courtney

Contact Courtney today to discuss how she can help you have a peaceful postpartum!

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